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Draggable and Dropable game using JS

Overview Draggable and Dropable game

This web game template is designed using HTML, CSS, JQuery, and JQuery UI for any sort of matching games for children. As it is a template for games and children, we created this with enchanting graphics so that the audience gets attracted by the interface and excites them to go for the game. You can avail of this incredible template without wasting time and cost which is a few clicks away from your website.

There are pictures of various ingredients and the names of those ingredients are given randomly below. Therefore, this Draggable and Dropable game is about dragging those pictures and dropping them into their names. After dropping, the result will be shown on the screen if the answer is right or wrong. It is quite an exciting and fun game for the children through what they will learn by playing.

Font-Family: Tahoma;
Color: Primary Color (#000)

Css: Jquery-ui
Js: Sweetalert, Jquery-Ui

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