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What if you were snooping around for a top-notch personal portfolio HTML template for your personal brand which would be both eye-catching and well-augmented, we are glad to boldly apprise you that we offer you such an amazing template you’re querying for. As the template is designed for a resume website, it comprises some essential features especially for demonstrating your professional background in an acute elaborated way. You can narrate your skills, work experiences, and the services you provide pretty snugly according to your preference because this template is originated and developed time by time by exploiting the feedback from the users. Despite the fact that the template is created to define your personal brand, you can introduce your multiple services quite effectively and circumstantially which could be illustrated elaborately. It’s the free portfolio template.

When it comes to talking about features, this personal portfolio html template consists of some extraordinary configurations that will fit your professional profile in an absolute congruous way. The template comprises four segments as Services, About, Portfolio, and Contact. In the Services part, you can introduce all the services you provide. You can elucidate your professional background in the About section where you can represent your skills in different sectors, your completed projects number, years of experience, and the number of awards you won. While in the Portfolio portion, several portfolios could be expounded, you can detail your contacts information and social media links in the Contact section. Using our template will place you with an amazing experience in your personal brand presentation.

Font-Family: Dosis , Inter ;
Color: Primary Color (#F95700), secondery color (#000000)

Css: bootstrap.min.css, Jquery-ui, fancybox.min.css, owl.transitions.min.css
Js: wow.min.js, Jquery-Ui, waypoints.js, typed.min.js, scrollIt.min.js, fontawsome.js, parallax.min.js

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