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Overview Registration form html css

Forny web template was designed for any professional agency, community, company, or even for individual use to collect leads. It is basically a registration form where the users will provide their basic information to get registered in your community. After the registration, they will be allowed to enter the community. As the template was created with HTML coding, it is smoothly responsive and flexible to browse. You can customize the prime components of the template and make it yours. Take this amazing web page for your personal or professional use and enrich your leads collection.

To talk about features, Forny demonstrates a registration form in the home page where users will be providing their basic information such as first name, last name, username, email, password, and mobile number. Then there is an option below called “go to next step” where they will click and will be taken to another form. At that form, they will be asked to provide birth date, gender, profession, and living location and under this form, there is another option call “go to 3rd step” to go to next page. On that page, users’ addresses along with city, state, and country will be asked to submit and under the form, there is another option to navigate to the final step called “go to final step”. In the final step, users will be asked to provide a profile picture and a cover picture and clicking on the “submit” option, they are ready to go.

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