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What is dropshipping?

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What is dropshipping ?  Suppose you set up a website where you will sell some products but you do not have the capital to buy the product and keep it at home and then you do not have the workforce to run the whole activity. Yet you can do this business. Simply put, you arrange the product in your own store, then the customer enters your store and orders to buy that product, this time you buy the product from a supplier and send it to your customer. 

This system is dropshipping. Simply put, dropshipping is the name given to the delivery of goods directly from the wholesaler to the customer. Simply put, you will have a contract with the supplier/manufacturer. Then create an online store (e-commerce website) with information, pictures, etc. of the products of the supplier/manufacturer that you will be working with.

If someone places an order on your site, you will notice your supplier/manufacturer of the order details. He will package and send it using your company’s logo, address, etc. The buyer will understand that you sent him. That is the dropshipping.

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